This is my cousin Kirsten. Today she wore a dress and liked it!


Yup, a sweats wearing, basketball shorts loving, tomboy actually liked wearing this dress! OK, she said she probably wouldn’t wear it on a daily basis, but she liked it and that’s good enough for me! It was a struggle to get her to actually put it on, but I told her to trust me and trust that I would still keep her style in mind (and a little sassy flare).


Kirsten loves comfort when it comes to clothes. I wanted to keep her tomboy style in tact with the hat, shoes and a twill jacket. I added a feminine touch with this light airy dress.


I’ve always enjoyed dressing up Kirsten and her sister when they were younger and 10+ years later…nothing’s changed 😛 I get a weird thrill from picking outfits for other people rather than for myself. I like the challenge of using someone’s personality and incorporating that into fashion. I can’t draw, play an instrument, or write heart string pulling poetry, but I love clothes and this is my creative outlet.





dress: Nasty Gal

jacket: Forever 21

hat: Obey – Zumiez

shoes: Converse

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