Hashtag Late Post

20141110_143057_1 Forgive me for I have sinned. I seriously have had these pictures in my phone for a good 2 weeks now and being the lazy human being I am, haven’t made a post for them!…until now…so yeah…here it is. 20141110_143145_1

No that is not the latest shade of lipstick from Nars…I had a cherry icee right before we took these pictures. I know, you’re probably like, “Sherilyn, get it together. Fashion blogging is serious” or if you share my personality you’re probably thinking, “Sherilyn, I love cherry icees. Keep doin you boo boo.” Lawlz. 20141110_143318_1

Anywayyysss…seriously getting back to the fashion. I’m wearing a maxi skirt because I’m short and I love wearing maxi skirts that actually fit me and don’t drag behind me. I paired it with this UH-MAZING sweater from Target. I’m so obsessed with this sweater I got it in every.single.color. And i don’t normally do that, but this sweater is just so warm and fuzzy and cuddly. I luh it. I love this pairing because it plays with texture and pattern. I call it, texttern…paxture? Whatever, I just love the way the whole outfit flows and comes together. As usual, I’m wearing my sunglasses from Nordstrom because, they’re bae. JK I hate that word. For reals though, if you ever see me outside, I’m 100% most likely wearing these sunglasses.

Sweater: Target (happiest place on earth) Skirt: Charlotte Russe

5 thoughts on “Hashtag Late Post

  1. Fluffy knits are literally the best thing ever. I got a black one yesterday haha! Its actually summer where I live so the one I got was reduced from 25 bucks to 3, crazy right? I love how you styled it with that skirt, so pretty 🙂
    Have a lovely day hun!
    Much Love,

    1. After season sales are the best! Fall is my favorite season so I’m definitely enjoying wearing all my sweaters and warm clothes. Thanks for reading and the follow! 🙂

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