Hashtag Late Post

20141110_143057_1 Forgive me for I have sinned. I seriously have had these pictures in my phone for a good 2 weeks now and being the lazy human being I am, haven’t made a post for them!…until now…so yeah…here it is. 20141110_143145_1

No that is not the latest shade of lipstick from Nars…I had a cherry icee right before we took these pictures. I know, you’re probably like, “Sherilyn, get it together. Fashion blogging is serious” or if you share my personality you’re probably thinking, “Sherilyn, I love cherry icees. Keep doin you boo boo.” Lawlz. 20141110_143318_1

Anywayyysss…seriously getting back to the fashion. I’m wearing a maxi skirt because I’m short and I love wearing maxi skirts that actually fit me and don’t drag behind me. I paired it with this UH-MAZING sweater from Target. I’m so obsessed with this sweater I got it in every.single.color. And i don’t normally do that, but this sweater is just so warm and fuzzy and cuddly. I luh it. I love this pairing because it plays with texture and pattern. I call it, texttern…paxture? Whatever, I just love the way the whole outfit flows and comes together. As usual, I’m wearing my sunglasses from Nordstrom because, they’re bae. JK I hate that word. For reals though, if you ever see me outside, I’m 100% most likely wearing these sunglasses.

Sweater: Target (happiest place on earth) Skirt: Charlotte Russe

5 thoughts on “Hashtag Late Post

  1. Fluffy knits are literally the best thing ever. I got a black one yesterday haha! Its actually summer where I live so the one I got was reduced from 25 bucks to 3, crazy right? I love how you styled it with that skirt, so pretty 🙂
    Have a lovely day hun!
    Much Love,


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