A Very Sweet Christmas

Well hellloooo internet friends! Sorry for the hiatus, but I’m back today to show you my “ugly sweater” I wore for Christmas yesterday and a dessert recipe you can use for any party really not just Christmas. Let’s dive on in.

Yes, this is my “ugly sweater.” Why the quotation marks Sherilyn? Well, I thought this sweater was pretty darn ugly, but no one else did! The thing has gold sparkly flowers and BELLS on it. BELLS! Everyone in my family was like “Oh, that’s actually a cute sweater.” So no, I did not win the ugly Christmas sweater contest. Very sad. Anyways, onto the dessert!

Now, by no means am I a chef. In fact, I hate cooking, mainly because of the cleaning afterward. My mom has been making these cookies ever since I can remember and I LOVE them. They’re so good and sugary and probably really bad for you, but aren’t all delicious things?


This is the first year I’ve made them all by myself so snaps for me! My parents live in Indiana and couldn’t make it to California for Christmas so my mom passed the torch to me to make the cookies. If you’ve never heard of rosettes, be prepared to have your mind blown…and I’m sorry (not sorry) for introducing you to these fried sugary goodness…es?

You’re going to need

3 eggs

1 cup sugar

1 1/2 cup water

1 tsp salt

1/2 cup flour

1 small box of corn starch (16 oz)

Cooking oil

Frying pan

Rosette molder

What you’re going to do

– Mix all the ingredients to a big bowl until it’s smooth

– Heat up the oil in the pan (medium-high heat) and dip the molder into the oil

– Once the molder is heated (after 2 min, shorter when oil is hot) dip the molder into the batter being careful not to let the batter spill over the molder, and dip it back into the oil.

– The batter will slip off the molder once it’s cooked and taken shape DON’t WORRY! Just continue to fry it until the rosette is a golden color.

– Once golden, take the rosette out and put it on a tray or plate, whatever you want, and while it’s cooling down, continue the process all over again until all the batter is gone.

– After all the rosettes are cooked and cooled down, take either plain sugar or confectioner’s sugar and sprinkle each rosette to your liking


Look at that. Glorious. I was so proud of myself! Yes, the first batch came out a little…not good haha but with practice I got the hang of it! Don’t worry if some come out less golden or more than others, I promise it’ll be delicious either way. I love these so much and I’m more than happy to share it with you all. I hope everyone had a great holiday and here’s to a new year!

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