Poléne Paris: Cyme Mini Bag

I am a designer bag girly. Always have been, always will be. But now that I’m an adult and saving money for adult things like a HOUSE, I find myself looking for budget-friendly luxury options.

And Poléne is that brand.

I’ve been eyeing Poléne bags since I saw them on Instagram, but I never pulled the trigger on my cart. And then they started getting more popular and it seemed like everyone had the Numéro Dix bag.

Then they came out with the Cyme bag. I fell in love! The hard thing about shopping online with these kinds of brands is that they don’t usually have brick-and-mortar shops in San Diego, so I didn’t know what they looked like or felt like in person. I’m vertically challenged so I’m very picky when it comes to strap length and bag size. But Eric and I were in Portland a couple of months ago and this girl had the Cyme Mini and I was obsessed. I needed it ASAP. So I took a chance and went for the Cyme Mini in Cognac.

The Cyme Mini is the perfect size bag if you’re petite. And when I say I’m petite, I’m just under 5’0, so I’m like, extra petite 😅. It’s not too oversized that it overwhelms me and I can expand it if I want. It comes with a removable zip pocket, but I would say this bag is more of a structured tote bag. I do wish there were like one or two internal pockets, but it’s a beautifully made bag and I’m probably going to buy the bigger version. If I were to compare it to a bag I already have, I would say it’s pretty comparable to my Chloé Mini Tess Day Bag. When I say comparable I mean in quality. I noticed they felt very similar to each other so I knew I made a good choice!

I’m kind of over the whole fanny pack/belt bag and this is the perfect everyday bag and I take this bag with me everywhere. If you were on the fence about buying a Poléne bag like me, well hop off and go for it because it’s totally worth it!

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