1st Post!

Well this is my first blog post! Since this is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog, it only makes sense to start with the basics. These are my everyday go-to makeup choices.


1) Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hr Perfecting Primer – I never really cared for primers and didn’t understand why you need them, but YOU DO. I cannot stress it enough. Using a primer makes your makeup not only last longer, but it helps your foundation, blush, etc go on so much more smoother. I love this primer because it’s loaded with nutrients and vitamins to improve the look of your skin.

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2) Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream – When I don’t feel like slabbing on my expensive foundation, I reach for this BB cream. Granted it doesn’t have the coverage as my Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, it’s a pretty good alternative. It claims to be skin clearing, but I have yet to see that happen. On the plus side, it hasn’t broken me out! The only negative I have to say is that it can feel a little cakey and and sticky.


3) Benefit’s Gimme Brow – I am obsessed with eyebrows. I already have pretty thick eyebrows and for the longest time I was so scared to pluck them myself. I’m slowly getting the hang of it and this little baby has definitely been a favorite of mine as an eyebrow novice. It helps to fill in the sparse areas where I may have accidentally over plucked or trim too short.


4) Eyeko Lash Enhancing Eye Do Eyeliner – When it comes to liquid eyeliner, I’m as picky as they come. From drugstore to high end and everywhere in between, I’ve gone through them all. Flimsy felt tips give you no control and don’t get me started on the ones that dry out too fast. This eyeliner is the best I’ve used to date. It’s got a sturdy applicator and an amazing formula that lasts all day and goes on super pigmented.

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