Top Lip Glosses for Southeast Asian Neutral Skin

fenty gloss bomb in riri for medium skin

Remember the dark vampy matte lip days? What a time. We didn’t even care if it was spring or summer, matte lips were a must! As a dry-lip person, I’m so happy we’ve moved on from that and now it’s all about dewy, plumpy, lips.

I like a clear gloss just as much as the next person, but most days I need a little sheuge. A little dose of color if you will. Being Filipina, I’m brown with somewhat of a neutral undertone so cool or warm undertone colors can look good on me, depending on how I feel that day 😂. The issue I have is I tend to think my lips are lighter than they actually are so most times I grab lip products that make my lips look pasty.

So after years of trial and error, I think I’ve found the right type of shades that work best for me. Here are my top lip glosses for southeast Asian netural skin.

top lip glosses for south east asian skin

  1. About Face Light Lock Lip Gloss | shade: Wish You Were Here – This formula is SO comfortable but feels moisturizing at the same time. Sometimes I feel like for a lip gloss to be moisturizing it needs to be thick but this formula has really changed my mind. It’s lightweight and has a nice minty scent without the tingly-ness on your lips if you don’t like that kind of stuff. It’s not super shiny or sparkly, it’s more like a nice soft shine that gives your lips a healthy natural look. The website doesn’t have a description of the color but I would say it’s a warm mauvey pink color.
  2. Kosas Wet Lip Oil Plumping Treatment Gloss | shade: Unbuttoned – This is another lightweight formula, but shinier. Even though it says plumping, I don’t get that feeling at all, it’s probably because it’s so shiny. It’s definitely one of my more hydrating products and I usually find myself using it more than others. The website describes the shade as a warm blush color and I would agree. On me, it’s like a warm soft pink.
  3. Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm | shade: Nearly Neutral – THIS GLOSS. When I first put this on I was so confused…but in a good way! It’s the perfect match to my lips, I thought it was a clear gloss. It gives my lips the perfect extra sheuge I want without having to use a clear gloss. It goes on lightweight but it has a little bit heavier formula than the first two glosses, but still really comfortable. I would say the finish is ✨angelic✨ because my lips look perfect with this gloss. It’s not too shiny or gloopy but a bit more extra than a regular balm. If you couldn’t tell I love this gloss. I love it so much I accidentally bought the same one because I thought it was a different shade I didn’t have. It’s described as soft neutral pink on the website AKA Sherilyn’s perfect shade.
  4. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer | shade: RiRi – Does this look intimidating in the photo? Yes, yes it does. But it’s a gloss so it’s not as pigmented as it seems. Now if you’re a shiny, sparkly, all the things lip gloss kind of person then this gloss is for you. I wear this when I’m going out or for special occasions, basically any time I’m feeling extra. It gives you that juicy plump look with all the sparkles and is still comfortable and moisturizing. If you’re a baby like me and can’t handle the Fenty Heat line, get the regular Universal glosses. They have a tiny bit of tingle but definitely not as tingly as the Heat glosses. The website describes this shade as a rose mauve nude, but I would say it has a darker magenta tone in it than mauve.

Honorable Mentions

I’m a creature of habit so when my favorite shades get discontinued, I AM DEVASTATED. So I’d like to give a moment of silence to two of my favorite discontinued lip gloss products/shades.

My favorite gloss of all glosses. RIP the Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Flying Horses from Colourpop. You will be missed.

My second favorite is Dose of Color’s Lip Gloss in the shade Just Baecause. I couldn’t even find a photo of it, that’s how discontinued it is.

Well there you have it, my favorite glosses if you’re a southeast asian with neutral undertones. Or just light medium to medium brown with neutral undertones. PLEASE give me any suggestions or any of your favorite glosses, because if I know my luck, these shades will most likely get discontinued one day.

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